Added Security for Login

Submitted by Frank on 09/21/2009

This post is out of date. As of 4/21/2011, TomorrowsPro sends all passwords across secure connections. See Secure Logins now Mandatory

A few weeks ago we updated the security on our login. We are now encrypting your login credentials as they travel across the internet so we can keep your information more secure. For the most part it seems to have been a smooth transition, however, there have been a few members that have had problems with the enhanced security. If you have been having any issues accessing the site over the past few weeks, please make sure you are using one of the following tested browsers: - This has become an option instead of mandatory.

A secure login is an option for those that want their password encrypted over the internet. To use the secure login, navigate to anytime you want to login. Your login credentials will be encrypted when they are sent to our servers. Once we have verified your credentials we will bring you back to the normal members area. If you have any issues logging in with this method, please us the normal login functionality. This feature has been tested on the following major browsers when using their default settings:

Internet Explorer 7 or 8

Firefox 3.x or 4.x

Google Chrome 3, 4 or 5

Safari 3, 4 or 5