Setup Tracking for League & Division Officials

Submitted by Frank on 01/09/2011

When managing a league or division, you may be faced with issues tracking whether data is being entered by each team. If your teams aren't entering data, this view will give you one place to see how all of the data in your league/division is being entered. You'll also be able to check the progress of your initial setup. Since each team should have at least one confirmed Admin with an e-mail address, the Admin columns will help you see which teams still need an admin.

Once your schedule is released, you'll be able to check progress on how the schedules are being entered. As the season progresses and stats/results are entered, the Schedule "W Results" & "W Stats" columns will show how many games have stats/results added for them. A game has "Results" when a final score is entered for it and a game has "Stats" when at least one player has stats entered for that game.

Here are a few screenshots of what a finished season will look like:

A closeup of the Roster columns:

A closeup of the Schedule columns: