Changes to Baseball/Softball Hitting Stats on 4/12/2009

Submitted by Frank on 04/04/2009

*4/10 9:00pm - The AB equation had a typo in it. Hits will not be subtracted from PA to get AB's.

TomorrowsPro is currently running an At-Bat centric scoring model. On 4/12/2009 we will be switching to a Plate Appearance model to make it easier to enter your stats. We've seen many people have problems figuring out what an AB is and how they score the other fields based off of it.

If you have entered all of your fields correctly, you won't even notice when we make this change. If you haven't used AB as a field for true At-Bats you may see some scoring errors. In order to prepare for this change, please make sure your AB scoring is as follows:

At Bats = Plate Appearances - Walks - Sacrifice Flies - Hit By Pitch

We will also be changing the way you enter hits. Right now you enter Doubles, Triples, and Home Runs into their own fields. Then you have to add all of those together and also add in Singles to get your total for the Hits field. We will be changing this as well to make the H field dynamic. Instead of entering a number into the H field, you will enter singles into the 1B field and the H field will automatically add the 1B, 2B, 3B and HR columns. To get your stats ready for this change, please make sure your H field is as follows:

H = Singles + Doubles + Triples + HR

We regret to have to make such a large change just before the majority of your teams get into their season, but we didn't want to have to wait until next year to implement this change.

In order to support the above changes we will be creating a few more fields:

SH - Sacrifice Bunts

DI - Reached First Base on Defensive Interference (Catcher's Interference, etc)

BOE - Base on Error (Many people have asked for this so we are adding it. I want to remind everyone that BOE is not included in Batting Average or OBP.)

Once the change is made, there will be step by step instructions found where you enter stats that will give you directions on how to enter your stats with this new scoring method.

Please e-mail us at if you have any questions or concerns.