Print view for Players for all Sub-Sports on one page

Submitted by Frank on 05/20/2009

A lot of coaches have asked for an easy way to print off each player's stats so they can hand them out to their players at games. In response, we have added a new print view found under the "Print Profile" link. This link will pop-up a page exactly like the other player print view, but it will include all sub-sport stats for that season. This means if you play Baseball or Softball, this print view will include Hitting, Pitching and Fielding stats on one page. The link to this page can be found under "My Stats" near each season name as well as the page you use to share your stats with others.

During testing we found that you may have to use a landscape view on your printer or shrink the page down to 70-80% of the normal size to fit all the stats on the page.