Blog Creation and Facebook Connect Integration

Submitted by Frank on 01/17/2009

This post is outdated. Please see Updates to Facebook Integration for the latest Facebook integration information. I'd like to welcome everyone to the brand new TomorrowsPro blog. I'll be using this as a medium to give any updates I may have made to functionality or anything else I think you may want to know. With that being said, let me give you the first update... I'm sure most of you have already seen the recent updates on the site. They include: Facebook Connect Integration

FB Friend's stats are now listed on their own page so seeing their updates is now much easier.

Registration through the site is no longer mandatory. You can simply hit the "Connect" button under the login and you have an account.

All stat updates can now be added to your news/mini feeds with the click of a button.

Stats being shown in your Facebook Profile are now updated automatically with any stat changes on TomorrowsPro.

Sharing has been updated so you can share specific seasons with your Facebook friends without having to make them available to the public.

Non-Facebook Related Updates

Graphs have been added to career stats as well as your shared stats page. (The page your "Shared" link leads to)

Team pictures can now be loaded to give your team page a personal touch.

The team page has been redesigned to show team leaders in the key three categories for each sub-sport.

As always, I welcome your feature requests and comments...