What Facebook information do we access?

Submitted by Frank on 01/15/2011

When you join your Facebook account to your TomorrowsPro account, we have to access some of your information to provide you with an account. Here is a list of all fields we request and why we need them:

  • Name - It just wouldn't be any fun if team rosters said "Player 1", "Player 2", etc.
  • E-mail Address - Team and stat updates are e-mailed to you so you know what is going on with your teams. This also acts as your login if you decided to start logging in with TomorrowsPro credentials instead of your Facebook username/password.
  • Birthday - TomorrowsPro restricts some of our younger users from sharing too much so we need your birthday to do that.
  • Profile Picture - We show your profile picture next to your name on the "Friends" page. Only your Facebook friends on TomorrowsPro can see your picture. Your picture can also be seen in the top bar when you are logged in with your Facebook account.
  • Profile Link - Anywhere we put your profile picture, we link it to your profile.

That's it! We have no use for any other data so we don't access it. I want everyone to feel safe sharing their data with their friends on TomorrowsPro. If for some reason you feel like something on the web site isn't safe, please e-mail our support team immediately and we will investigate.