Leagues are now FREE!

Submitted by Frank on 01/17/2013

Starting today, all leagues will be completely free just like everything else on the site. For the past two years, there was a barrier for people to track their league data. At this time it makes sense for the entire site to be free again like it always was in the past,


League/Division Officials Page

Submitted by Frank on 01/09/2011

The Officials page is available for Leagues and Divisions. Each Official can be listed for public access if you would like to share that information. Access control for league and division officials pages are tied together so access will be granted to both if you want one visible.

Updated Share Settings for Leagues/Divisions/Teams

Submitted by Frank on 01/09/2011

I'd like to introduce the most flexible sharing system we've ever had at TomorrowsPro. In older versions, teams would be stuck with a few options for setting their sharing options. Now you can pick exactly which groups can see which pages.

Heres how it works:

Set the Main Sharing Option

If you would like to set any of the specific share options to public, the team page must be public. This setting trumps all other settings. If this is not set to public, no one outside of your league/division/team will be able to see any piece of your team page. When you do change this setting to "Public", all of the sub-sharing options or section options below will have to be set to public for those pieces to be visible on the public page. If you had already set some of the options to public, they will be visible to the public at this time.

Set which groups can see which pages

The following groups have been created: (Only Team and Public options are available for individual teams)

  • League Officials
  • League Coaches
  • League Members
  • Division Officials
  • Division Coaches
  • Division Members
  • Team Coaches
  • Team Members
  • Public

When using these groups you should look for a few things. The system automatically recognizes that some of these groups are actually included in other groups. If you select team members, you will also be selecting team coaches. If you select public, you are actually selecting every group.

Sharing View for Individual Team

Sharing View for Leagues, Divisions and Division Teams

Who gets access through "League Members" and "Divisions Members"?

One important distinction to make is with the different levels of access. If you select "Division Members" then division pages can only be seen by members of that division. Members of other divisions will only have access to their own division pages. If you select "League Members" the division pages can be seen any member of any of the divisions in that league. The same methodology works for teams that roll up into divisions.

Division Standings Page

Submitted by Frank on 01/09/2011

One of the coolest parts of having your league in TomorrowsPro is tracking your progress whether it be stats or game results. With the Division Standings page, you can see each team's rank, who they play in their next game and how many games back they are from first place.

Setup Tracking for League & Division Officials

Submitted by Frank on 01/09/2011

When managing a league or division, you may be faced with issues tracking whether data is being entered by each team. If your teams aren't entering data, this view will give you one place to see how all of the data in your league/division is being entered. You'll also be able to check the progress of your initial setup. Since each team should have at least one confirmed Admin with an e-mail address, the Admin columns will help you see which teams still need an admin.

Once your schedule is released, you'll be able to check progress on how the schedules are being entered. As the season progresses and stats/results are entered, the Schedule "W Results" & "W Stats" columns will show how many games have stats/results added for them. A game has "Results" when a final score is entered for it and a game has "Stats" when at least one player has stats entered for that game.

Here are a few screenshots of what a finished season will look like:

A closeup of the Roster columns:

A closeup of the Schedule columns:

Division Stats Page

Submitted by Frank on 01/09/2011

As a feature of the league package, each division has their own stats page so you can track each team through the season. The last row even has the totals for the entire division. With granular permissions you also have the ability to decide who can see this specific stats view.

League Management now available on TomorrowsPro

Submitted by Frank on 01/09/2011

Yup, you read that right. TomorrowsPro finally supports League Management. It's been a long time coming, but it took a long time to get all the right features in place.

Here's a quick explanation of how leagues are structured. Leagues are the top level so you have to create your league first along with the first season you will be playing. Once you have your league added, you can setup your Divisions. Your teams will be tied to each division. (ie League -> Division - >Team)