Take players out of retirement

Submitted by Frank on 06/21/2010

If you would like to take players out of retirement or un-retire them, you can do this through the "Active Roster". Navigate to the Active Roster for your team and click on the "Retired Players" link. This will reveal the list of all retired players. From here you can click "Unretire" and the player will instantly be added back to your team's active roster.

Give Parents Access to your Team and their Children

Submitted by Frank on 06/21/2010

Many coaches have had to make the decision of making their team public and opening it up to the world to give parents access to the team pages. Coaches now have the access of adding parents to the "Parent Roster". This special roster allows coaches to associate parents to their children and restrict stats access to their children's stats if they wish.

Here is a screenshot of the "Parent Roster" page:

1. These "Remove" links allow you to remove individual associations between a parent and a player.

2. These "Add" links allow you to add a new parent-player link

3. These "Remove" links will remove the parent and all associations

Parents will have the same access as players. They will be able to see the roster, schedule, and stats by default. They share the same access level so taking away access for parents will also take it away from players. These types of access changes can be made on the "Edit Stats" page.

See Restrict Stats Access for Parents to their Children for more information about setting permissions for parents.

Add a TomorrowsPro Login to your Facebook Connect Account

Submitted by Frank on 06/14/2010

Many members have started asking how they can get a TomorrowsPro.com e-mail/password login. When you register via Facebook Connect it is incredibly easy because you don't have to enter any registration information. The problem is that without that additional information such as e-mail and a password, you must be logged into Facebook to use the site.

To create a TomorrowsPro e-mail/password login follow these steps:

1. Navigate to "Personal Options" -> "Update User Information"

2. Enter in your e-mail address and save the page

3. Navigate to "Personal Options" -> "Change Password"

4. Enter in your desired password and save the form

5. At this point you have successfully setup your TomorrowsPro login. Log out of TomorrowsPro and Facebook, then login with your TomorrowsPro login. If you run into any issues, contact support with the e-mail address you used and your Facebook ID Number.

How to invite a team to a game

Submitted by Frank on 06/13/2010

TomorrowsPro now supports game invitations for games you wish to schedule with other teams in the system. Until now, you only had the option to enter the name of the team. With this new functionality, you can invite other teams that use TomorrowsPro to games in the system. The game will immediately appear on your schedule and you can update it like any other game even if the other team never accepts the invite. If the other team does accept the invite, both teams will now share the game and have access to edit it. (Note: Your team stats CANNOT be edited by the other team.) The other team will have access to edit any field on the "Edit Game" page and each coach on the opposing team will be e-mailed anytime there is an update.

Here are some screenshots of how the process works:

Click "Select Team Already in System"

Search for the team you wish to add.

Once you find the team, click "Select Team". This will bring you back to the form. Fill out the remaining fields and click one of the buttons to add the game. The "Add Game" button will add the game and immediately take you to the edit screen for that newly created game. The "Add and Add More" button will add the game and take you to a window to add another game.

As you submit the game a game invite e-mail will be sent out to all the other coaches of the opposing team. The e-mail contains information about the game and how to accept or reject the invite.

This is how the game invite request will appear on the opposing coach's requests page. The opposing team will have the option of which season they will add the game to.

While you are waiting for the opposing coaches to accept or decline your invite, you will see the game listed as "Pending" on your schedule. If they reject the game invite, the "Pending" will disappear, but the game and all information entered thus far will remain as any other game would.

Minimum percentage of games played for stat significance

Submitted by Frank on 06/13/2010

This functionality has been a long time coming. Everyone has the person playing on their team that shows up to one game and has the best game of their life. From that point on, they appear at the top of their stats because they have the best averages on the team. Since stats like this don't significantly prove that these players are indeed having the best season, there is new functionality introduced today that will drop these players to the bottom of the stats.

Entering partial innings for Baseball/Softball

Submitted by Frank on 04/19/2010

Lately, a lot of members have been asking about partial innings. The site is setup to take innings just like you would see in a major league box score.

If you wish to enter 2 1/3 innings, you would put 2.1 in the innings field. If you wish to enter 2 2/3 innings, you would put 2.2 in the innings field.

If you enter 2.3 in the innings field, it will actually add up and equal out to 3 full innings.

Box Scores for Team Schedules and Game Print Outs

Submitted by Frank on 09/21/2009

Box Scores are now available for teams through the schedule. You can add them through the "Edit" screen for each game on your schedule. There are two important fields you will find on the "Edit Form" for Box scores. Usual Periods is the number of periods you were scheduled to play for the game. If this was a baseball game and you usually play 6 innings you would enter 6 for this. If you play basketball and you play two halves you would enter 2 here. The second field is Last Period. For this field, you want to choose the last period you played in the game.