Update to Team Schedule - Delete Empty Seasons

Submitted by Frank on 04/21/2009

The team schedules have been updated to give each team coach/admin the ability to delete empty seasons. This option is only available if your haven't associated any stats to it. If you have only entered a few lines of stats, you can clear out those lines and then the link to delete that season should appear. A screenshot of the link location can be found below:

Update to Baseball/Softball Sports Stats

Submitted by Frank on 04/12/2009

The changes to the way you enter stats for baseball and softball has been pushed out to the site. Both baseball and softball hitting stats will now be based off of plate appearances. We have also added categories for singles, sacrifice hits/bunts, defensive interference, reached on error, and fielder's choice. If you see any negative numbers in your stats, this means that you have been scoring things incorrectly. Please check the guides mentioned below on how you can fix these errors.

Print Your Stats on TomorrowsPro

Submitted by Frank on 04/12/2009

It's been a long time coming, but there is now a print view for stats across the site. We've taken all of the colors out of the site for this view and show only the stats in a bare table.

The links can be found around the site and they look like the following:

Here is a sample view of what the print view looks like:

ERA Calculations for Varying Innings per Game

Submitted by Frank on 04/05/2009

When it comes to Baseball ERAs there seems to be a lot of confusion around how to calculate the statistic if your league does not use 9 inning games. The ERA statistic is defined as follows:

ERA = 9 x (Earned Runs Allowed/Innings Pitched)

Many people believe that the 9 is actually the number of innings per game. MLB uses 9 innings, therefore the statistic shows you how many earned runs a pitcher would give up on average if they pitched a full game. This does not hold true for leagues that use 6 or 7 innings per game.

Changes to Baseball/Softball Hitting Stats on 4/12/2009

Submitted by Frank on 04/04/2009

*4/10 9:00pm - The AB equation had a typo in it. Hits will not be subtracted from PA to get AB's.

TomorrowsPro is currently running an At-Bat centric scoring model. On 4/12/2009 we will be switching to a Plate Appearance model to make it easier to enter your stats. We've seen many people have problems figuring out what an AB is and how they score the other fields based off of it.

Modified Team Edit Stats for more Accurate Games Played

Submitted by Frank on 03/26/2009

Quick Update...Before today, any sports that had drop downs on the "Team Edit Stats" page counted a Game Played for every player even if you added stats for only one. Now a Game Played will only register if you enter a statistic into at least one category for a player.

If your GP category is not correct for certain sports, go into the "Team Edit Stats" page and clear out each field for each player that did not play in that game. Once each of those rows is completely blank, submit the form and your GP category should be correct.