Update to Baseball/Softball Sports Stats

Submitted by Frank on 04/12/2009

The changes to the way you enter stats for baseball and softball has been pushed out to the site. Both baseball and softball hitting stats will now be based off of plate appearances. We have also added categories for singles, sacrifice hits/bunts, defensive interference, reached on error, and fielder's choice. If you see any negative numbers in your stats, this means that you have been scoring things incorrectly. Please check the guides mentioned below on how you can fix these errors.

There have also been more detailed guides added for hitting stats on the blog. They can be found here. We will try to get these types of detailed guides up for the rest of the sub-sports as soon as we possibly can.

There were also some edits to the way both sports handle pitch count. We introduced balls and strikes columns a few weeks ago and took away the option of letting players and coaches enter just a total pitch count. Since we realize that more bookkeepers only keep a running total, we have added this total pitch count field back. More information on this pitch count change can be found here.

As always, if you run into any issues with these new changes, please e-mail support@tomorrowspro.com with details of the issue you are facing.