Take players out of retirement

Submitted by Frank on 06/21/2010

If you would like to take players out of retirement or un-retire them, you can do this through the "Active Roster". Navigate to the Active Roster for your team and click on the "Retired Players" link. This will reveal the list of all retired players. From here you can click "Unretire" and the player will instantly be added back to your team's active roster.

Give Parents Access to your Team and their Children

Submitted by Frank on 06/21/2010

Many coaches have had to make the decision of making their team public and opening it up to the world to give parents access to the team pages. Coaches now have the access of adding parents to the "Parent Roster". This special roster allows coaches to associate parents to their children and restrict stats access to their children's stats if they wish.

Here is a screenshot of the "Parent Roster" page:

1. These "Remove" links allow you to remove individual associations between a parent and a player.

2. These "Add" links allow you to add a new parent-player link

3. These "Remove" links will remove the parent and all associations

Parents will have the same access as players. They will be able to see the roster, schedule, and stats by default. They share the same access level so taking away access for parents will also take it away from players. These types of access changes can be made on the "Edit Stats" page.

See Restrict Stats Access for Parents to their Children for more information about setting permissions for parents.