Introducing Child Management - A new way to store stats for your children

Submitted by Frank on 10/31/2011

Children are a huge part of TomorrowsPro. They are the reason most people create their accounts in the first place. We're debuting a new Child Management feature today that will simplify the way parents use TomorrowsPro for their children.

Each parent can use their own account under their name and yet still have complete control of their child's account from theirs. Under "Personal Settings", navigate over to "Child Management". Add your child with first and last name so coaches can add them to teams if they want.

Once you have your child added to your account, you can switch over to their account and back as needed. You will also receive any e-mail sent to them so you don't have to set up another e-mail address for them.

As your children age and you think they are ready to manage their account on their own, there are also options to pass the account over to their e-mail address.

Start using this feature and setup your children on your account today!