Team Stats Filters Available Now

Submitted by Frank on 06/21/2009

Team Filters are now available for the full season view. They work the same as the individual filters and now we have added the option to filter by Player on top of the game filtering we have for individual filters. Here is a screen shot of the new filtering form for teams.

There will not be a filtering capability added for the "By Game" view because you can get those same views from the full season filtering.

Filtering now available for Individual Stats

Submitted by Frank on 06/07/2009

One of the most powerful features that has been missing from TomorrowsPro is the ability to have your stats your way for reporting, etc. With that being said, filtering is now available on your individual season stats as well as your career stats. These filters can be applied to the stat grid view as well as the graphs. Any filter being applied to the stats grid will also be applied to the graphs and the print views. This allows you to print reports for the last 7 games if you would like.